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We have total confidence in Machor Sage Insurance to take care of our insurance needs. We can always depend on them working in our best interest and giving the best advice.
Walter K., customer since 2009
The people there are really nice and professional, when I call and need something they are right on it. Hats off to Denise shes my special and favorite insurance agent. Go Denise
Larry C., customer since 1993
You are always available with advice regarding coverage, policy questions and especially if there is a claim. Thanks for your professionalism as well as your friendly spirit!
Daniel Z., customer since 2015
Recently when someone damaged one of my company loaner cars, Michelle and Denise really went to bat for me in getting it resolved. That's what people should look for when They buy insurance, not just the cost.
Paul S., customer since 2003
I've had my auto and home policies through Machor Sage for at least 25 years. I became acquainted with Dennis Machor back then and became a client of his firm shortly thereafter. In recent years, I've met several times with Dan Sage. A few years ago, he reassessed my insurance policies and was able to get me comparable coverage for hundreds of dollars less than I had been paying. He and his staff have been professional, friendly, and helpful in all my dealings with the firm. When I found myself in need of considering medical coverage under the A.C.A., I called Dan and he recommended to me a representative from another firm who specializes in such coverage. It was a good recommendation for which I'm most grateful.
Jim N., customer since 1992
Dan & Michelle make us feel right at home and take the time to educate us on what coverages are and the importance of having them. There is a value here that can not be purchased over the internet. Thank you Dan & Michelle.
Customer since 2013
Anytime I've had to call or email - I get a quick response. Everyone extremely helpful.
Kathleen H., customer since 2005
Peace of mind
Rebecca M., customer since 2009
Service that's not only good but fast and to the point.
Customer since 2016
I discussed my situation with dan, he gave me great quotes, then wrote the policies with very little disruption to my schedule.
Customer since 2016
I recently had someone back up from a parked space and back into my rear bumper. Machor Insurance was very prompt in handling my claim after we came back from vacation. Thanks!
Customer since 1994
Love the fact that I can call your agency and get a 'live' person on the other end who is friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help me. I also like supporting my local businesses. Thank you.
Jodie S., customer since 2010
Machor has provided us with prompt answers to our questions and concerns and has provided us with recommendations for practical and more cost effective insurance coverages.
Customer since 2001
Always easy to reach. Great agents.
Customer since 2004
We've been with you for thirty plus years. I knew Denny Machor when we worked together at Prudential. We are still friends. We could've changed companies many times but your people always gave us the service we would expect from friends. Also your rates have been and continue to be very competitive. Thanks for all you have done for us over these many years.
Kenneth P., customer since 2013
I have known Dan and Michelle for almost 25 years and my wife and I are happy to trust them with all of our family's insurance and risk management needs. We have always found that they are committed to doing what's best for us and they always go the extra mile to ensure that everything is taken care of including payments, coverages, premiums, and even the occasional claim. I will never forget the time I was in a car accident where my car was totaled; I called Dan and the first question he asked me was Are you OK? If you are looking for a quality insurance broker that you can trust, cares about you and will provide the BEST service, look no further than the fine folks at Machor Sage!
Jared R., customer since 2015
Have always had quick response and accessibility to someone to answer our questions in a timely manner. Always have been prompt and courteous as well as respond to needs via phone call or emails.
Mitchel M., customer since 2001
When we have questions we get an answer with in a hour usually. when we had a claim it was handled very professionally and again quickly
Thom M., customer since 2008
Besides finding affordable insurance premiums from reputable carriers, the personal service that you provide when there is a time of need is your strong point. As a home owner, when you know that all you have to do is make one phone call and that the problem at hand will be solved is very reassuring. I cannot be more thankful for the quick response that you gave me when a water pipe burst in my home and I was out of town. Within two hours a team of cleaning people where there to stop the leak and start drying the house out. Within one month all repairs were made and my home was back to normal. Again, thank you, thank, thank you.
Walter K., customer since 2009
We have had to work through a claim or two and those went very smooth, as well as offered advice on how to properly handle those claims. Also, we have had a few license issues with key employees and was given good advise and help on how to navigate those issues as well. Personal service is what I'm looking for not just a policy number and Machor Sage has been there for us on that service.
Ben I., customer since 2014
Response to requests for help and or information is quite prompt!! Follow up to make sure the customer is satisfied is excellent!!
Gene H., customer since 2012
Everyone at Machor Insurance always answers the phone quickly, is very helpful and full of genuine enthusiasm when they answer! If the person I'm calling for isn't there, they are still able to help me with whatever I need, and achieve my requests and goals flawlessly. I know if I have a problem I can go to them and never have to worry. If I do leave a message, they return my call quickly and are there to accomplish my needs. I have never had a negative experience with any staff members at Machor Insurance and never dread having to call. I don't know what I'd do without them. They are truly a great company to be a client of!
Carson B., customer since 2016
You and your staff are always responsive to our needs! Thanks for all of your assistance!
Daniel Z., customer since 2015
Very knowledgeable company. Great customer service.
Lindsay F., customer since 2005
Machor Sage Insurance does a great job of keeping on top of things to be sure their clients are protected properly. Great customer service. Have referred several people and will continue to do so.
Jeff E., customer since 2009
Everyone is very helpful and open, Machor Sage Insurance makes us feel like we are part of another family.
Deane D., customer since 2014
We have had great experiences with Machor Sage. When the insurance company wasn't getting back to us right away about a repair I called Dan and he made sure we had a call back from them the next day.
Customer since 2013
You saved me money over my previous agent. You made the transition from the old agent easy and you are pleasant to deal with.
Nick C., customer since 2014
I've had my insurance needs with Machor Sage Insurance Agency for many years. I started with purchasing life insurance policies for my 3 children back in the late 70's. They have fulfilled life, auto, home and business insurance throughout the years. I can't say enough good things about Dan, Michelle and staff.
Robert K., customer since 2014
Dan Sage was very helpful and guided us in making better policy decisions that applied to our needs. Machor Sage Insurance always makes it easy to make changes for seasonal needs.
Rocco C., customer since 2005
Prompt, courteous, professional service. You handled our insurance issues fairly and quickly!
James B., customer since 2012
Always helpful with my insurance needs.
Robert B., customer since 2015
When I called Machor Sage to make a claim, my agent was very helpful in guiding us through the process. Work was done quickly and to our complete satisfaction.
Kenneth B., customer since 2015
Machor Sage Insurance has always been there for us! They are prompt and thorough when dealing with any questions or coverage information. We continually recommend them to family and friends!
Robert B., customer since 2006
You take the pressure out of tense situations. When we have a claim, (Home, Auto or Liability) one call to Machor Sage and we can forget about it, it's handled, handled correctly, with no problems. Thanks for being there. Bob & Joyce Younglas
R Y., customer since 1988
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